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About you

What's your name?    Astrid Evelt
Do you still attend school? No
How tall are you? 172 cm.
Do you wish you were taller or shorter? No
Do you wear glasses/contacts? No
What color is your hair? blonde (golden)
What color are your eyes? blue-grey

Color? Purple/violet
Genre of music? Lots
Singer? David Bowie
Movie? Labyrinth
Actor? Jennifer Connelly
Ice cream flavor? Vamilla

This or That
Watch a movie or T.V.? Movies.
Books or magazines? Books.
Color or black & white films? Colour.
Cell phone or camera? Depends.
Love or money? Love.

What's your favorite genre of music? Why? Rock, Pop, etc.
If you could play any instrument, which would you chose? Why? Guitar, something I could "sing" along to and take with me.
Would say music is an important part of your life? Yes!
Have you ever seen your favorite band/singer in concert? Yes!
If so, did you get to meet them after the show? Nope!
Have you ever been to a concert? How many? Two and 1/2 (I wasn't there til the end)
Do you play any intruments? Nope, though I had to learn recorder, I can't say really can play it.
Last song you listened to: Stay '97, David Bowie
Does this song have any meaning to you? Yes.
Last movie you watched: Terminator.
Did you think this movie was good? -
Did it make you laugh at all? In some moments..
If you had to be in a movie, what would the movie be about? Fantasy
What's your favorite movie? Why? Labyrinth.
Favorite movie character? -
Do you enjoy reading? Yes.
Are you subscribed to any magazines? Which? Nope.
Favorite book genre? Fantasy
What kinds of magazines do you like to read? This and that
Do you have a lot of friends? Do you think that matters? Nope and nope.
Do you have any siblings? 2 Brothers.

What are some of your interests? Reading, writing, arts.
What do you like to do when your bored? Depends
Are you a fast typer? Nope, I'm very slow
Do you write on an online blog? Does it get a lot of hits? Not really and nope.
Would you consider yourself an interesting person? Can't say.
Do you like the movie "Finding Nemo"? Yes.
 Do you make jewelry? Not in the moment.



Alter Survey: (updated)

About You

Full Name:: Astrid Evelt
Nicknames:: Asti , WolfEmpress (online)
Current Location:: at home
Where were you born?: Thuine
Age:: 48
straight/big/gay: straight
Hair Color:: golden
Eye Color:: blue
Height:: 1,72 m
Piercings:: only earrings
Tattoos:: nope
Movie:: Labyrinth
Color:: purple (violet)
Animal:: wolf, owl, horse, dog, cat
Season:: all seasons as long as it's not too hot
Flower:: rose and lilly
Number:: 4
Craziest:: I am
Funniest:: Can't say
Loudest:: I am
Best Guy Friend:: Some
Best Girl Friend:: Some

This or That
Summer or Winter:: I like both
Chocolate or Vanilla:: Chocolate AND vanilla (But I'm a chocoholic ;) !)
Rock or Rap:: Rock
Hugs or Kisses:: Depends
Flowers or Candy:: Candy (Though I also love flowers)
Stars or Hearts:: Depends
Dog or Cat:: Dog (And some cats)
Taken or Single:: Can't say
Got a Crush:: A huge crush
Name Please:: Can't say
Last Person You said I love you to:: Can't say
Have You Ever...?
Danced in a Public Place:: Yes
Kissed in the Rain:: Can't say
Sang to someone for no reason:: As a kid
Been in Love:: Yes
Sat on your rooftop:: Nope
Smiled for no reason:: Yes

Can You...: ?
Can you sing:: Nope, but I do *sing* along nevertheless
Can you dance:: Nope
Do You...?
Do you like thunderstorms:: Sometimes - most of the time: NOT
Do you like rollercoasters:: Depends
Do you like movies:: Oh yes!
Do you like the dark:: Sometimes
 Do you like Coffee:: I'm addicted 





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